At Wal 11 we fully recognizes our responsibility to ensure that both our customers and the end consumer are supplied with products that strictly comply with international food safety standards.At Wal 11, we believe transparency is key to showing you how we are keeping our promise of Better Farms and Better Flavor.We depend on the land and its natural resources to grow our fruits and other products. We continually look to advance our use of sustainable practices and technology to nourish foods and protect our environment.Here are some of the ways we’re addressing environmental protection:


Water Management

The primary topics that we consider are the following.Farm-level and regional water management Crop water relations, crop yields and water productivityIrrigation, drainage, and salinity in cultivated areas Salinity management and strategies for improving the use of saline water in agriculture Rain water harvesting and crop water management in rain fed areas Use of wastewater.


Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy covers research in the following areas.Biomass Conversion Photo voltaic Technology Conversion Solar Thermal Applications Wind Energy Technology Desalination Solar and Low Energy Architecture Climatology and Meteorology Geothermal Technology Wave, Tide and Ocean Thermal Energies Hydro Power Hydrogen Production Technology and Fuel Cells Socio-economic and Policy Issues


Friendly Farming

Farmers can help mitigate climate change with improved management Techniques that promote carbon storage in their soils Reduce their contributions to carbon pollution from chemicals and manure lagoons.Adding carbon to our nation's soils can also help us adapt to climate change, as well as benefit our wildlife, water supplies, and rural economies.Farms with healthy soils are more profitable, more sustainable.

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