We are Wal-11 producing oranges at large scale and offering our services across the world more than 50 years, the excellence of these 50 years is due to our best response and the priority to the ‘client satisfaction’. The quality of our product is due to our large healthy cultivating area that is spread across 1000 acres, produces fresh oranges. After a two year search, Wal 11 bought their dream farm in 2011. They did this for several reasons: one being a way to get their savings into the local economy; to a place they could see, touch, and care for it. It was also intended as the beginning of an — as yet — undefined project that they hoped would one day be useful for their community. Early on, they saw a need to restore and care for this parcel land, which had been stressed by overgrazing. The first years were spent removing the detritus built up over years, restoring the riverbanks, clearing pathways through the woodland and renewing the internal access roads. Over time, a vision emerged of an organic valley, something that could, one day, become a center for sustainable agriculture in Pakistan.

That began a three-year partnership that resulted in Pure Organic Farm. Today, Wal 11 is a fully functioning certified organic farm that is steadily developing into an efficient and profitable operation and making a name for itself by producing high quality food using sustainable practices. We are a global Wal 11 company that builds innovative agricultural solutions for farmers of all scales, cooperatives, vertical food production and sourcing industry, governments, NGOs and other stakeholders interested in improving agricultural production. With customers in over 10 countries, we are changing the way food is produced worldwide.For making the global impact, we need the best people. We are looking for people like you  people with the courage to change the world, the true rock stars of the mankind.

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