What We Do

We have a strong network of Fresh Fruit Farms, Processing Units, Storage, transportation and Export. We are mainly dealing in the export of best quality fresh fruits & rice available in Pakistan.To create quality nutritious food for our neighbors and regional consumers.To be mindful of our energy footprint.To offer educational programs that provide the general public with experiences about fresh food, farming and the natural world from which they come.To create a destination where visitors can appreciate the beauty of the landscape and the significance of maintaining a strong local food system.

4 Core Functions Of Wal 11


Our fruit grading software can be used on new- and old equipment, get the best out of your sorting machine. Save time and money in the sorting process. Being able to determine the internal and external quality of fruit is a leading optic-technology that works both efficient and effective.


FRUIT PROCESSING is the leading B2B source of information for international fruit processing and soft drinks industry! PROCESSING provides current news, research reports, market price reports, trends and future developments with focus on flavours & ingredients.

Waxing Storage

The primary reasons for waxing are to prevent water loss and thus retard shrinkage and spoilage, and to improve appearance. The waxing materials used depend to some extent on regulations in the country of production and/or export; both natural waxes

Import Export

Import/export merchants buy merchandise from a manufacturer — foreign or domestic — then resells that merchandise around the world. Although there’s heavier risk involved in being a free agent, you can potentially earn higher profits when you cut out the middlemen.